What Happened to Playing Board Games

When I was a kid, a couple of years before smart phones made their debut,  there were only a few things that a kid could do on the weekends.  One being able to talk you parents into taking you to do something with your  friends,  where they would have to go with you and how lame is that.  Or two you could stay home and have some friends come over.  9 times out of 10 I had people come over, most of the time because it was cheaper, and we would play board games.  Now when you see pictures of kids hanging out they are all on their phones not speaking to one another.  I am lucky enough that my friends understand how much fun a board game could be and we play the regularly.  We can play monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, or Taboo.  All of these games have us talking to one another, creating strategy together.  While most kids today have their faces glued to their screens.   Don’t get me wrong I use my phone way to much, but my roommate and I are able to put our phones away for a few moments and actually talk to people and have fun while and the same time stimulating our competitive natures.  Why is it that board games have been shadowed behind the cell phone.  Most games on a cell phone are not able to bring mulitiple people together in a way that is not going to cost them money.  So why is it that they would rather waist their data on being engulfed into their phones, than spend time with others face to face and enjoy a board game.





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this is a blog for Reeder's TR 9:30 intro to mass comm.

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